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Crocodile Leather Belts

Strap a croc to your waist with an attractive crocodile leather belt.

100% Australian Made!
These Australian handcrafted belts come in a variety of tanned colour's and sizes and are suitable for males and females.

All the crocodile products on offer are from farmed crocodiles. The crocodile species is the Australian Saltwater crocodile crocodylus porosus which produces the finest crocodile leather in the world.

All crocodile products exported attract a wildlife levy of AUD$10.00 regardless of the value of the shipment.
Please note that some countries may require CITES import permits that you may need to apply for. For further details please see the CITES website to select the country you wish to have the item sent to. For example the UK & Sweden requires a Cites import permit - for further details please click here. Please note that these CITES import requirements are outside of our field of operations, however we are happy to supply CITES related documentation to make the import as easy and fast as possible.

When placing a belt order please insure the correct seize is provided as returns/replacements to due wrong measurements will incur a small replacement fee. Should you have questions with regards to how to measure your belt size please contact us or see the diagram below: